Cereal-based foods

The main cereal consumed by Setos is rye bread, much as it is for neighbouring peoples. Bread is baked in a large oven that usually fits five or six loaves.

Barley cultivation was also widespread. Hulled barley was cooked into a nourishing porridge. Flour-based porridges were also made, principally from barley flour and to a lesser extent, from rye and wheat flour. Barley flour was also used to bake a type of bread, which substituted for rye bread when the latter was not available.

Oats were an important constituent in the cereal product called kama. Setos ate mainly kama made solely from oats, sometimes with the addition of milled legumes. Kama generally signifies a thick porridge-type grain mixture. Such a kama was eaten much during fasts, mixed with sunflower oil because dairy products were also not allowed then. At other times, kama would be mixed with fresh milk or sour milk.

Setos frequently consume large square pies baked on a sheet. Savoury pies (mushroom, fish, onion and other fillings) are baked often. Sweet pies (apple, curds etc.) are a more recent introduction.