Setos, especially those living on the shores of Lake Pskov, have eaten quite a lot of fish. Dried fish, especially dried roach was a mainstay. Bream, perch and pike were also dried. The fish were strung on a line and hung under the eaves, exposed to sun and wind. Dried fish were used in pies and soups, but also stewed with potatoes and used in jellies. Fried roach and smelt were the main species for soup. Smelt soup was made from fresh or dried smelt, with potatoes and groats added.

Pike-perch and bream were and still are much-loved; Baltic herring, roach and smelt were also often consumed. Setos also prized ruffe. A tasty broth was made from ruffe and eaten with potatoes. Setos are also known for making whole-fish pies with a rye dough. Such a pie was usually made from bream, roach, perch or pike. The edges of the dough were folded over the fish and overlapped. Fresh or dried smelt was also a pie filling.

The Setos were not traditionally known for smoking fish, but now it is commonplace, and fresh smoked bream in springtime is a particular delicacy.