Uma tettü väega joogid ehk kimmäs kraam

We are located in one of the very few surviving fortifications since the 6th generation, and our roots go back to the 18th century. Wanting to preserve the honorable history of our ancestors, our roots and the unique closed yard, we decided to gradually restore the Vana-Sõrmus farm.

In order to value Seto's original building heritage and local customs, we founded MTÜ Uma tehtudü. We started to grow and process organic blackcurrant and apples, as well as several natural herbs. We produce various juices, handcrafted lemonades, containers. For Christmas, we make a nice blackcurrant-strawberry mulled wine.

We market our products at local fairs, wonderful home cafes and tourist farms, but gradually also in trade.

+372 528 9250

Vana-Sõrmuse, Vasla, Setomaa vald, Võrumaa

57.818389, 27.408028

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