Seto cuisine

Seto cuisine is familiar, yet strange, like Setomaa in a whole. Some familiar tastes and ingredients are combined with others, i.e., fish is combined with meat. However, the Seto cuisine is simple, hearty and made of available ingredients. The food comes from own gardens and fields, from the forest and lakes.

Typically of a border area, the Seto cuisine is influenced by the cuisine of neighbors, Estonians and Russians, while maintaining their own character. In wintertime, many dishes, including hearty soups, as cooked in a big timber-heated oven, where they obtain a characteristic taste. Setos have many holidays in their calendar and they have always appreciated a good party, so party foods are important in the cuisine. Setos never go empty-handed for a visit or to a church feast day.

Nowadays, the Seto cuisine is becoming increasingly popular. Local food is increasingly valued, and as Setomaa has maintained most of its traditions, including the cuisine traditions, the Setos can serve their everyday dishes with pride.

If you want to taste the Seto cuisine, you have the following options.

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