Sauerkraut and broad bean soup

Serves 2

Sauerkraut and beans! In this exciting yet homely soup, two main ingredients of traditional Seto cuisine – pork and sauerkraut – meet. How do sauerkraut and beans go together. The answer is, very well!


200 g pork (marbled or lean, rind on or rind off, as desired) 
300 g sauerkraut
25 g onions
40 g dried broad beans
50 g carrots
15 g leeks
1.5 l water
oil for the pan, salt, sugar and bay leaf to taste 


Soak the beans for about 8 hours.

Cut the pork into small pieces and bring to a simmer in a pan of water, add sauerkraut. Simmer about 15 minutes. Add the carrot and onion, which you have sautéed first, followed by the soaked beans, chopped leek, and bay leaf. Season with salt and sugar. Simmer until all ingredients are tender.

If you’d like a thicker stew, reduce the amount of water in the recipe.

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