Thick porridge with ‘competitors’

Serves 4

This porridge is suitable for vegetarians. If you fancy a hearty, workingman’s meal, add a slice of fried smoked meat with fried onion as a “competitor”.


1 kg peeled potatoes
100 ml soaked barley groats
100 ml soaked peas
2 medium carrots
About 1 l water
1 tbsp coarse salt
As a good addition, try a thick slice of fried country ham with fried onions


Cut the potatoes and carrots and put them in a pot. Add peas and groats you’ve soaked for at least four hours. Add enough water to cover the ingredients. Simmer on low. Don’t stir, or the groats might sink to the bottom and become scorched. Once the ingredients are tender, mash the porridge with a potato masher. Serve with freshly salted pickles or fermented pickles.

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