Salt broth

Serves 3-4

This dish is nice and salty. In warm weather it gives you strength, and when it’s cold outside it is exactly what you need to accompany potato and groat porridge.


200 g pickles
100 g red and white onion (red provides cheerful colour)
150 g smoked meat (can be quite marbled with fat or include fatback)
100 g sour cream
300 ml water
salt, finely ground pepper


Dice the pickles, onions and smoked meat and place in a large bowl. Cover with cold water, so that it has the consistency of soup. Add the sour cream, mixing until it tastes good. Add salt cautiously, the meat and pickles will provide plenty of salinity, releasing it slowly. The flavour should be fairly bland for now. Add pepper.

This is a good filling food in spring. And it’s also a good cooling side dish for thicker hot porridge-like foods.

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